Shipeq is an internet initiative that brings together buyers and sellers who list companies in the maritime industry's goods and services market with a paid membership system. Shipeq does not mediate payments and does not receive any commission from the services provided.

www.shipeq.com (hereinafter referred as “site”) is owned by EU Marin (hereinafter referred as “Shipeq”). These terms and conditions are governed to use of this online platform. By using this site you are acknowledging and accepting these Terms and Conditions. Shipeq may change these Terms and Conditions at any time without any notice. As a result, please check the terms and conditions before use the site each time.

This policy regulates general terms and conditions of use between the shipeq and the user on this site.

The contents (All materials, products and services included or/and available through the site) are provided “As is” and “As Available” Shipeq does not warrant that the content on the site is accurate, reliable or correct. Shipeq is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the use or access or inability to use,or access to the site, including any loss of data or damage caused by downloading content from the site. The content is free of viruses or other harmful components. Your use of this site is at your risk.

Shipeq does not guarantee the buyers or suppliers or sellers or the products and services or payments or delivering or handling the product or services.The members have the obligation to conduct their transactions with care and diligence

Shipeq does not guarantee to the members to purchase or sale goods/service through the site
Member must be at the legal age and examiner and is obliged to act fair in accordance with the current or changing laws of the country in which he does business and to act honest in his business and transactions and not to use the site as a high dimension storage area which is used for any other purposes other than his business. Otherwise member accepts and undertakes that the Shipeq may charge extra fee and/or terminate the contract for justifiable reasons.

Shipeq is not responsible for the loss of information entered by the member into the site and advices to back up the information which is logged on the site.

In the event that If the contract is terminated for any reason except for the access blocking or the court decision or justified reason other than membership fee, the information belongs to member shall be returned free of charge in the type and form prescribed in the system to the member within 6 (six) months. After six months, Shipeq is not obliged to give information but if the parties agree to extend this period, member has to pay additional fee.

This privacy policy describes how the Shipeq use personal information collected on this site. By using this website you accept the privacy practices contained in this Privacy Policy. Please read this Privacy Policy before using the site.
Shipeq may use your personal information for the below purposes.
-To deliver the products and/or services to you that you need,
-For content improvement and feedback purposes
-To verify your compliance with the terms of use
Your information may be shared with third parties If Shipeq is under a duty to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation, or in order to enforce or apply our Terms of Use and other agreements; or to protect the rights of property of other members
Shipeq has acknowledged and undertook that members personal data will be protected by the laws of the country where the contents are hosted and will not go beyond the conditions of this agreement.
Shipeq is a web based application that keeps user's e-mail, password, user name, contact details, messaging history etc information confidential and determines this information which is not highly recognizable and the special character is set at a high level of difficulty such as uppercase and lowercase letters and protects the documents added to the system which is from users log on devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, etc., from all kinds of spywares and responsible from the security of information and safety of use.

Shipeq uses permanent and partial cookies in some cases mandatory but mostly to improve user experience by enabling the site, to, streamline analysis more efficient, to monitor social media movements, to increase functionality. and also sometimes uses for the purpose of advertising and tracking.

In all your devices you can login to Shipeq, these cookies, which can be defined as file snippets, can be produced by Shipeq or third party companies and can be used either unilaterally or in some cases shared with third party applications.

Users may change the settings for cookies via the site or browser on their device, but in this case shipeq does not accept the obligation to provide a high performance and good site experience for the site We recommend that members or users who do not accept cookies on site and do not want to change their settings should leave the site.

Member accepts and undertakes that copyright of all kinds of texts, brochures, video etc. which he uploads to the site belongs to him or has the legal rights to use. Member accepts and undertakes that Shipeq has the right to use and reproduce of these things which he uploads to the site. Member will not claim any financial benefit from Shipeq even if the membership is suspended or terminated, or related content is removed.

Member agrees and undertakes that in case of members infringement of intellectual property rights, if any damages occur to Shipeq or any other member of the site or the third party, he has to pay all the damages to Shipeq immediately.

Rebellion, embargo, state intervention, rebellion, occupation, war, mobilization, strike, lockout, labor actions or boycotts including worker-employer disputes, cyber attacks, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, failures due to power loss, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, migration, epidemic or other natural disaster or uncontrollable, non-fatal, reasonably unforeseeable all other events or actions (‘Force Majeure’) prevents or delays the performance of obligations arising from this agreement, Shipeq may not be held liable for any obstructed or delayed liability as a result of the Force Majeure Event, and this shall not be considered as a violation of this agreement.

Shipeq will terminate this agreement and membership immediately if a member fails to fulfill or not fulfill the obligations arising from this agreement or try to make fictional sales and purchases or use the membership rights against honesty or contrary to the law or give any or possible damages to other members or violate the intellectual and industrial rights of third persons. In such cases, a fee is not refunded for the remaining membership period.

This Terms of Use Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. But any dispute arising from the content which members upload to the site will be resolved by the laws of hosting country.

Shipeq is not liable from any dispute between members.