Direct contact and trade with ship owners, ship managers, ship charterers, buyers, ship masters and many more without limitation.
Shipeq has the widest maritime network where you can buy and sell marine equipment. The users can complete buying and selling process directly with suppliers or service providers. Shipeq can provide brokering service to sell marine equipment, spare parts and marine services on behalf of your company. You can form inventory list for your products, market your products to buyers on Shipeq and send out catalogues.

Advertising and promotion to reach the target audience

Shipeq is a website where you can reach your specific target buyers in respect of trade and product service also offering digital banner and advertisement services to be published on DBluemart and selling ads. In this way you can achieve maximum efficiency from selling your products.

24/7 online Expo opportunity

You can display your products 24/7 on Shipeq and DBluemart. On average, an exhibition is visited by several thousands of people whereas you have the opportunity of meeting tens of thousands potential customers and have the chance of doing business on Shipeq and Dbluemart. Compared to stand rents, setup and logistic expenses, you have opportunity to promote your company for more convenient prices on Shipeq Online Expo.

Free Shipeq membership. No commission.

Advanced Marine Search Engine

You can easily find the product or service you need for your company or your ships by utilizing from the advanced filters on Shipeq and DBluemart.

Special Opportunity for ship chandlers

Ship chandlers can communicate directly with ship masters registered to Shipeq database and promote their products before arrival of a ship to their ports of service.