Direct contact and trade with marine equipment manufacturers, suppliers, ship chandlers, marine service providers, shipyards, ship agents, ship brokers and many more without limitation.
Upon request Shipeq can provide brokering service to purchase marine equipment, spare parts and marine services on behalf of your company.
You can upload your request for quotation and send to registered firms through Shipeq or post buy and sell advertisements for the products and services on DBluemart.

Direct contact and trade with verified, certified and qualified sellers.
Shipeq, creates a safe trading environment for its esteemed users to prevent any hesitation may occur during a trade. We request from Sellers to submit legal documents and minimum two references.
The documents that companies submitted are checked by the concerning institutions located in their registered country. In addition, companies that are presented as references by the sellers are contacted with and requested necessary confirmations and background regarding their commercial past.
Shipeq is highly sensitive regarding commercial rules and regulations and does not accept the membership of companies that are not correspond with legislations. Click on for further details.

Free Shipeq and Dbluemart membership. No commission.

Advanced Marine Search Engine

You can easily find the product or service you need for your company or your ships by utilizing from the advanced filters on Shipeq and DBluemart.

Special Opportunity for Ship owners and Ship managers

Ship owners and Ship managers can sell abundant or surplus inventory remained from their ex. ships such as spare parts, machineries and equipment which occupy space at their warehouses and cause unnecessary storage expenses. Upon request Shipeq can promote and sell your surplus inventory and marine assets on behalf of your company through its wide network as a broker.

Special Opportunity for Ship Masters

Shipeq search engine enables you to find contact details of qualified reliable ship suppliers providing supplies and services at your destination port.
You can create and send request for quotation form to more than one supplier through Shipeq. You can compare prices and place orders easily.

Professional RFQ service

Shipeq offers a detailed request for quotation form which will be sent to Sellers for bidding of supplies and services needed by buyers.